It can be really challenging to walk your path without being influenced by others either directly, subtly, or as a result of our own, or someone else’s beliefs.

Think about it, from the moment we are born, we are bombarded by other peoples hopes, dreams, expectations, desires, and ideas of who or what we should be. So, maybe, the first obstacle you have in being true to yourself is discovering who “you” are, or is it? I would say not. What is a more relevant question is who do you want to be?

I say this because who you will vary from moment to moment. It can depend upon what you are doing, who you are with, where you are, or what you have responsibility for that the time. Also, whether you are in a working or social environment.

Whereas any of the things mentioned above can influence who you are at any particular moment in your life, they should not be used to identify. These things should be seen as what they temporary, circumstantial distractions. You are definitely not your circumstances or your situation.

So, step one in being yourself and sticking to it is not discovering who you are, but deciding who you want to be. Deciding can be the easy bit, sticking to it though can be much harder.