So Let's: Life Management Solutions


Applying Spiritual principles to your life situations and circumstances


Personal and Professional Development are lifelong processes whereas Spiritual Development is an infinite process and your level of Spiritual Development can influence both your Personal and Professional Development. So Let’s – Proactive Life Management Solutions  focuses on the spiritual “implications” surrounding any circumstances or situations. This approach is not suitable for all people and in some people it can cause more problems than it solves. If you believe that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience or that there must be more than this to life then read on.


It’s never what happens in your life but how you deal with it that defines you.
Taking control of situations and circumstances rather than being controlled by  them.
Sometimes you need to healing the past  to remove current life blocks.
Wisdom acquired through experiences.




Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged depending upon requirements and solutions required. Additional charges could be incurred. Conditions apply.

Telephone and Skype

Not What But How and Proactive Life Management solutions do not necessarily need face-to-face sessions. A lot of the work can be done via Telephone or Skype.

Is Life Management another name for Life Coaching

Not Really although there are similarities. Although I am an accredited Life Coach and may use Life Coaching models and techniques the main difference is that Life Management is also a therapeutic change process. So it is a combination of Coaching and Therapy.


Is this therapy?

No. I see it more as life guidance, Deep down you know what you need but the problem is you can’t access it. My role is to open you up to possibilities by providing you with Awareness. With awareness you also have choice. You can chage your circumstances, if they are within your control or choose how to react to them and how they affect you if they are not. There may be time when therapeutic interventions are used when encountering obstacles that prevent you moving forwards.


Do I really need to be "Spiritual" to use So Let's?

The work I do is tailored to your needs. You do not have to have any religious or spiritual beliefs. However, there may be more suitable therapist / coaches around for you. I don’t push my beliefs at anyone I just believe that the holistic approach I use is more effective and more importantly it is my passion. I appreciate that the way I work is not to everyone’s taste but it is a choice I make to work that way. It is unlikely that if you have no Spiritual beliefs you would be guided to work with me.


You alone can do it but you do not need to do it alone.

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